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Welcome in COOL MOTO

COOL MOTO is currently one of the largest companies providing telemarketing and customer service in the European market. Company was founded in 2012 and our first two headquarters based in Prague and Ostrava. Subsequently, due to increasing demand in 2013 and in 2014 opened a call center in Prievidza and Győr.

Thanks to the strong background COOL MOTO is able to provide a wide range of services from telemarketing outbound to inbound customer service, including all administrative, technical support (back-office) and business advisory services.

Success of the company is based on the high quality of service during the whole process and every single phase, such as monitoring, planning, implementation and appraise the project. In our call centers you will find the ideal combination of experienced professionals with  the most modern equipment.

We are constantly working on developing and increasing of the already high standard of our services, both technical and ethical point of view.